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2 Years, 12 Best of Show Awards

Titre 2 years - 12 awardsIt’s been two years since Modulum officially launched its platforms and success wasn’t going to wait. Modulum already was awarded more than twelve “Best of Show” awards from Las Vegas to Chicago.  In Denver Colorado alone, Modulum raked in six awards.

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One Must Strongly Believe in Modulum’s Benefits to the Sound of a Stereo System to Go as Far as Purchasing Three Platforms for a Single Turntable. 

The story begins when a long time audiophile heard about the benefits of Modulum racks and platforms and decided to give it a try. The scenario is very familiar. At first the clients are highly skeptical about the claims that a Modulum setup can improve the sound of a system by such a wide margin. And it doesn’t take more than five minutes for this skepticism to vanish as soon as Modulum platforms are placed under even only one component.



This is exactly what happened here when John replaced his platforms supporting his 70 lbs. Classé mono amps with Modulum platforms. He was speechless. He then decided pursue his new journey of improving his audio system by replacing all of his racks and platforms. In this quest for the next step he would tackle his turntable.

Modulum has not yet developed its own wall mount stand and John was not waiting for this to happen. So, Jean-François Michaud the president and designer of Modulum products offered a solution using John’s Target Wall Mount Stand. The results being so conclusive with the amps, money was no object. The project would require three platforms. The first one was to be bolted to the wall as a stiff support for the existing Target Wall stand. The second Modulum tablet would be placed upside down on the Target metal structure to greet the third platform that would support the turntable.

The selection of acoustic dampers was optimized for turntable.


Again, the improvement in sound was major. As John puts it the system was brought to a whole new level in terms of clarity, depth, space and resolution.

So, the next step will be to replace his equipment racks which supports all of his Nagra equipment. The VPS, the Classic preamp and the Classic DAC.




Modulum must be doing something right

The awards continue pouring in. A few days ago at the AXPONA audio show in Chicago,  The Absolute Sound awarded the Joseph Audio room, using Modulum Audio platforms throughout, “Best Sound of Show (cost no object).

MODULUM-AXPONA-2017 TAS best of show-b

Then came in two more Oasis awards from Positive Feedback Magazine, one for the same Joseph Audio room and the second for the David Michael Audio room.




In less than a year the most respected high-end audio manufacturers and reviewers have all used Modulum Audio Platforms to present their products.

There must be a good reason.

What Kind of Rack Do You Place a 370,000$ Audionote Turntable On?

Peter Breuniger first heard the Nagra Classic series components, supported by Modulum Audio Platforms, during his visit to the Nagra Audio Showrooms at CES 2017. He was very impressed and quite liked what he heard. On the same occasion he met Jean-François Michaud, the President and founder of Modulum Audio, and together they discussed various approaches to vibration control. He was particularly interested, you will have guessed, in the techniques that guided Modulum’s platform development.

After this conversation and his listening experience, Peter Breuniger was convinced that the Modulum platforms were his ticket to stacking his Level Five (five modules) 370,000$+ Audionote reference turntable.

So it was that, on February 16th, Jean-François Michaud drove from Montreal with a whole stack of Modulum Platforms, en-route to the outskirts of Philadelphia, and to Peter Breuniger’s Audio lair “extraordinaire”.

After a long chat, Peter shot an introductory video interview with Jean-François Michaud, discussing the concepts underlying Modulum platforms. Then, after a good meal at Peter’s favorite Italian restaurant, both of them started moving around equipment and setting up the Level Five turntable, as well as the Döhmann Helix 1 turntable, on the Modulum platforms.

But there was some bad news: Jean-François had to leave without even hearing the setup!

Just like you readers, he will now have to wait for the results in an upcoming exclusive AV Showroom video. We just can’t wait!!!!! So stay tuned, we’ll post it as soon as it comes out!

Until then, happy listening.


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How Tenor Audio Adopted Modulum Platforms

In the fall of 2015, Tenor Audio asked Jean-François Michaud, the founder of Modulum Audio, for a platform demonstration. Jean-François came in and started by replacing the platforms underneath both mono amps. The result was stunning. Bass improved tenfold, the background was blacker, more air surrounded the musicians and musical instruments, and it provided an even more realistic 3D image. It was everything you would expect from a serious system upgrade.

With such positive results, the Tenor Team decided to extend the exercise to the rest of the system. Over the next weeks, Jean-François Michaud gradually replaced the old racks with a full Modulum setup.

Tenor then mandated Modulum to create custom platforms for their oversized amplifiers.




The new platforms were fine-tuned in order for the amps to deliver their full potential. Modulum then gradually optimized the tuning for the preamp and its power supply, as well as for the photo stage. This tuning was done via the strategic selection and placement of Modulum harmonic absorbers, called “Wings”, under each platform.





Today, anyone can ask Tenor’s owners about the improvements Modulum has brought to their system. They will gladly tell you that they are in the magnitude of up to 30%. Yes, that much.

Modulum has since become Tenor’s privileged platform supplier.

As seen on Tenor Audio website




Featured post

Nagra Adopts Fine-Tuned Modulum Platforms for its Classic Series Components at C.E.S. 2017 and is awarded “Best of Show”

Over the last eighteen months, Nagra Audio has been testing and using Modulum platforms to feature its products at Montreal SSI, Colorado RAMF and Las Vegas CES 2016-2017. But the adventure really started when Nagra asked Modulum to develop a specifically tuned platform for its flagship amp, the Nagra HD.


Following this successful experience, Nagra asked Modulum to custom-tune platforms for all its Classic series components: the DAC, preamplifier, integrated amps, and monoblock amps.




Nagra won “Best of Show” hands down. Is that a coincidence? Jean-François Michaud will tell you : “We won’t go as far as to say that it’s because of Modulum, but we like to think that our platforms contributed in a large part to Nagra’s success. We are proud to be associated with the world’s leading manufacturers in high-end audio, and we are grateful that Nagra believes in our products’ virtues.”


The standard tuning of Modulum Platforms is adapted to all electronic hardware. But, in some instances, and with very high-end equipment, the tuning can be further refined. This is precisely what Modulum contributed to the entire Nagra Classic Series.


At the last Las Vegas C.E.S., Modulum was attributed a certificate of Accomplishment and the Gold Show Award for Best Sound, by Peter Bringer of AV Showrooms.


This also led Peter Breuniger to order a full set of Modulum Platforms for his full auditorium-based Audionote setup. (New article coming soon.)


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