The story begins when a long time audiophile heard about the benefits of Modulum racks and platforms and decided to give it a try. The scenario is very familiar. At first the clients are highly skeptical about the claims that a Modulum setup can improve the sound of a system by such a wide margin. And it doesn’t take more than five minutes for this skepticism to vanish as soon as Modulum platforms are placed under even only one component.



This is exactly what happened here when John replaced his platforms supporting his 70 lbs. Classé mono amps with Modulum platforms. He was speechless. He then decided pursue his new journey of improving his audio system by replacing all of his racks and platforms. In this quest for the next step he would tackle his turntable.

Modulum has not yet developed its own wall mount stand and John was not waiting for this to happen. So, Jean-François Michaud the president and designer of Modulum products offered a solution using John’s Target Wall Mount Stand. The results being so conclusive with the amps, money was no object. The project would require three platforms. The first one was to be bolted to the wall as a stiff support for the existing Target Wall stand. The second Modulum tablet would be placed upside down on the Target metal structure to greet the third platform that would support the turntable.

The selection of acoustic dampers was optimized for turntable.


Again, the improvement in sound was major. As John puts it the system was brought to a whole new level in terms of clarity, depth, space and resolution.

So, the next step will be to replace his equipment racks which supports all of his Nagra equipment. The VPS, the Classic preamp and the Classic DAC.