Peter Breuniger first heard the Nagra Classic series components, supported by Modulum Audio Platforms, during his visit to the Nagra Audio Showrooms at CES 2017. He was very impressed and quite liked what he heard. On the same occasion he met Jean-François Michaud, the President and founder of Modulum Audio, and together they discussed various approaches to vibration control. He was particularly interested, you will have guessed, in the techniques that guided Modulum’s platform development.

After this conversation and his listening experience, Peter Breuniger was convinced that the Modulum platforms were his ticket to stacking his Level Five (five modules) 370,000$+ Audionote reference turntable.

So it was that, on February 16th, Jean-François Michaud drove from Montreal with a whole stack of Modulum Platforms, en-route to the outskirts of Philadelphia, and to Peter Breuniger’s Audio lair “extraordinaire”.

After a long chat, Peter shot an introductory video interview with Jean-François Michaud, discussing the concepts underlying Modulum platforms. Then, after a good meal at Peter’s favorite Italian restaurant, both of them started moving around equipment and setting up the Level Five turntable, as well as the Döhmann Helix 1 turntable, on the Modulum platforms.

But there was some bad news: Jean-François had to leave without even hearing the setup!

Just like you readers, he will now have to wait for the results in an upcoming exclusive AV Showroom video. We just can’t wait!!!!! So stay tuned, we’ll post it as soon as it comes out!

Until then, happy listening.


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