In the fall of 2015, Tenor Audio asked Jean-François Michaud, the founder of Modulum Audio, for a platform demonstration. Jean-François came in and started by replacing the platforms underneath both mono amps. The result was stunning. Bass improved tenfold, the background was blacker, more air surrounded the musicians and musical instruments, and it provided an even more realistic 3D image. It was everything you would expect from a serious system upgrade.

With such positive results, the Tenor Team decided to extend the exercise to the rest of the system. Over the next weeks, Jean-François Michaud gradually replaced the old racks with a full Modulum setup.

Tenor then mandated Modulum to create custom platforms for their oversized amplifiers.




The new platforms were fine-tuned in order for the amps to deliver their full potential. Modulum then gradually optimized the tuning for the preamp and its power supply, as well as for the photo stage. This tuning was done via the strategic selection and placement of Modulum harmonic absorbers, called “Wings”, under each platform.





Today, anyone can ask Tenor’s owners about the improvements Modulum has brought to their system. They will gladly tell you that they are in the magnitude of up to 30%. Yes, that much.

Modulum has since become Tenor’s privileged platform supplier.

As seen on Tenor Audio website