Over the last eighteen months, Nagra Audio has been testing and using Modulum platforms to feature its products at Montreal SSI, Colorado RAMF and Las Vegas CES 2016-2017. But the adventure really started when Nagra asked Modulum to develop a specifically tuned platform for its flagship amp, the Nagra HD.


Following this successful experience, Nagra asked Modulum to custom-tune platforms for all its Classic series components: the DAC, preamplifier, integrated amps, and monoblock amps.




Nagra won “Best of Show” hands down. Is that a coincidence? Jean-François Michaud will tell you : “We won’t go as far as to say that it’s because of Modulum, but we like to think that our platforms contributed in a large part to Nagra’s success. We are proud to be associated with the world’s leading manufacturers in high-end audio, and we are grateful that Nagra believes in our products’ virtues.”


The standard tuning of Modulum Platforms is adapted to all electronic hardware. But, in some instances, and with very high-end equipment, the tuning can be further refined. This is precisely what Modulum contributed to the entire Nagra Classic Series.


At the last Las Vegas C.E.S., Modulum was attributed a certificate of Accomplishment and the Gold Show Award for Best Sound, by Peter Bringer of AV Showrooms.


This also led Peter Breuniger to order a full set of Modulum Platforms for his full auditorium-based Audionote setup. (New article coming soon.)


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